Texas white dove release equipment
Texas white dove release equipment
       Below you can see some of the equipment we use for our white dove release services.
The Chapel is usually used primarily for "Trinity" releases for our funerals and memorials, but may also be used at a wedding ceremony for the "Unity Pair or for display.
The Metal Cathedral can be used for the "Trinity" release, display's, or the "Unity Pair" release. 
The "Metal Cathedral" is available in two colors, antique white and architectural green.  You can choose the color which will best match the colors chosen for your event.
Auto Release Baskets for the special surprise of a flock of white doves.  Baskets are operated by remote and can be used to emphasize a special moment.
The Lattice Work Cage is perfect for the Spirit Dove for display or release.  It is available in two colors, white, and architectural green.
Large Wicker Chest baskets for a spectacular flock release of white doves.  We have a set of two in natural wicker or beautiful white.
Noah’s Ark for the Angel Release.  The spirit dove is released from the Ark followed by a flock of white doves representing Angels in the large basket.
Small Wicker Baskets come in natural colors and are standard for the "Trinity" release performed at funeral services or memorials.
The Wedding Cake baskets for the hopelessly romantic bridal couple.  The Unity pair of doves is released either by hand or directly from the small heart shaped basket.  A large flock of white doves is then released from the jumbo heart.
The Cathedral comes in white and can be used for the "Trinity" at a funeral serice or can be used for the Unity Pair during a wedding dove release.