Texas white wedding doves
Doves for a wedding in Texas

A pair of white doves can be released by the newly-wed couple at the end of their wedding ceremony upon exiting the church or ceremony facility.  The releasing of a pair of white doves is followed by a large flock of white doves released from a beautifully decorated basket.

Releasing of white wedding doves is possible at any point during an outdoor wedding and will fit right in with ceremonial traditions.  They symbolizes the newly-wed couple flying off together, wing to wing, and beginning their new lives as a couple.  

As the couple is announced husband and wife, a flock of  white wedding doves can then be released from decorated baskets, highlighting this joyous occasion.
        Professional White Dove Releases for weddings in 
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A reading is a beautiful ceremonial tradition, read before the white doves are released. The reading can personalize the ceremony for the couple, and it also conveys the symbolism of the wedding doves, and the white dove release ceremony to the your guests.
   We hope you will consider making our Houston Dream Doves a part of your wedding.

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