Our Release Policy

1. We maintain only properly banded healthy, white homing pigeons who are well
trained to return home when released. White homing pigeons are the only type of white bird that can be trained to fly home. The release of untrained pigeons or any
other type of white bird is an unacceptable alternative because they are unable to
navigate home or survive in the wild.

2. We release our trained birds only from distances from which they can safely
fly home.

3. We release our birds only when there is sufficient time for them to return
home prior to sunset.

4. We will only release our birds outside and only under favorable weather
conditions that allow them to safely navigate home. Inclement weather such as rain,
thunderstorms, fog, high winds and snow are conditions in which our birds
cannot safely navigate.

5. We ensure that an experienced, punctual, properly attired coordinator
accompanies our birds to each event.  Providing birds for self release is an unacceptable alternative.

6. Our goal is to enhance your event with a flawless release and to assure a safe flight home for our birds.