Metal cathedral

Wedding cake.  We have 2 sets. (Table not included.)
The Chapel.  3 sets. Two tables are as pictured, one is metal.  The wood tables work but have several chips and have had a lot of use.  Metal in this size is easy to find and paint white.
Captain's chest
The cathedral.  We have 4 of these units and 2 stands.  They hold 4 birds comfortably, but we usually use it with 2 for a wedding or 3 for a funeral Trinity.
Small cage for single or pair of doves.  The top hinge is wired together and needs a spot weld, however it is totally usable as is.
Remote release baskets.  I have 4 white which hold 10 birds comfortable although they were rated for 16 - 18.  Each baskets runs off of its own transmitter.

I have the pair of natural color remotes which a bit smaller and hold 7-8 birds.  They are keyed to one transmitter.
Training baskets.  They were custom made with a removable bottom for cleaning.  We have also used them for large flock releases.  The lattice cleans up nicely.  I have 9 or ten.
Trinity basket sets.  I have 1 of the top left set and two sets each of the other two.  The top nests inside the bottom.
Miscellaneous flock basket.
Wicker chest baskets.  2 of each color.
Several decorative cages for displays
I have a set of these.
Noah's Ark.  The single spirit dove is held inside the ark and can be released from the door or taken out to be released by hand.  The flock of angels is held in the wicker basket which the ark sits upon.
These are the main pieces we have for sale as a lot.   

Preference given to someone who can take my remaining flyers for breeding stock.  Total numbers not determined, but somewhere around 60.   All are proven flyers.  

All is used but in good condition except as noted.  I also have tons of silk flowers and greenery to throw in.
I have 2 of these.  They comfortably hold up to 2 birds.
Peavey portable sound systems.  Solo model.  Uses 8 "D" cell batteries.  Runs a microphone and a CD player or MP3.  Microphones included with each unit.   I have 4 each with carrying bags.