Richard and Velma Descant are the owners and operators of Dream Doves.

Richard has had homing pigeons, or rock doves as they are called, for over 40 years.  His love of these incredible birds began as a teenager when he was introduced to them by a fellow classmate.

He was in awe of their beauty, intelligence, and ability to fly home from far distances.  As a result he developed a keen kinship with these amazing birds.

After graduating from the University of Houston and serving in the United States Army, Richard was a successful business owner for many years.  His love of these birds continued to be a big part of his life.

In 1976, Richard built his first loft and competed in the sport of pigeon racing in the Houston area.  Over the years, his knowledge and experience has resulted in breeding birds of superior quality.

Several years ago, Richard became intrigued with white doves, and began breeding and training them.  Many of his bird are tame and he considers them his pets.

Velma Descant is the co-owner of Dream Doves.  She is a retired elementary school teacher who works very closely with Richard in the business, management and creative aspects of Dream Doves.

Both Richard and Velma conduct white dove releases throughout the Houston area.  Together they work as a team to make your special occasions exactly what you envision them to be.

Dream Doves, LLC is staffed by trained professionals who have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering dependable, compassionate, and high quality service to our customers.

To Inquire About a Houston, Texas, White Dove Release, contact:

                               Velma Descant
                         Monday through Sunday
                             7:00 am - 8:00 pm